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Regular Full Body Massage (60 mins)

This beautifully relaxing full body massage with light to medium pressure promotes calm, stress relief and relaxation for the whole body, while clearing the mind.


Full Body Special Massage (90 mins)

A relaxing, tension-releasing full body massage with pressure applied to special points on your body to release stress, anxiety and muscle pain, while creating a wonderful feeling of bliss and tranquility.


Aroma Full Body Massage (90 mins)

This soft, restorative treatment combines the power of essential oils with tension-releasing massage techniques to create a feeling of calm for the body while uplifting the mind.


Deep Tissue Massage (90 mins)

This highly therapeutic massage reduces chronic pain, relieves body tension and promotes stress reduction by concentrating on the deep layers of muscle.


Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 mins)

Focussing on neck, shoulders and head, this massage helps to relax, relieve tension and restore energy in the whole body.


Head, Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage (40 mins)

Designed to ease stress, this massage focuses on the traditional stress-holding areas of the back, neck and shoulders providing a feeling of calm and relaxation, along with a mind-clearing effect created by the head massage.


Head, Neck, Shoulder & Back & Foot (60 mins)

This massage is a great alternative to a full body massage and provides relaxation and stress relief by focusing on the key upper body muscles and feet.


Face Massage (20 mins)

By stimulating your fascial muscles, this massage brings about many therapeutic and age-defying effects, improving blood flow and promoting skin rejuvenation. 


Foot Massage (30 mins)

Our foot massage provides soothing and relaxation, while treating mild foot pains, improving blood circulation and promoting better sleep.


Foot & Leg Massage (40 mins)

This medium-pressure massage provides all benefits of a foot massage along with the relaxation coming from releasing muscle tension in the legs.


Foot Reflexology (60 mins)

Foot reflexology is an effective pain-relieving and circulation-stimulating therapy during which pressure is applied to specific points throughout the body that correspond to different organs and glands, activating the body’s healing process.